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The Art of Shooting

The NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting is a two-part course consisting of an e-learning portion (completed online-in your own timeframe, approximately 4 - 8 hours) and a hands-on practical portion conducted in a classroom and at the range under the guidance and supervision of an NRA-Certified Instructor. The course is intended for all adults regardless of previous shooting experience or NRA-affiliation. Upon successfully completing the online exam, students will be required to register for the instructor-led training portion (Phase 2), which is to be conducted with an NRA Certified Instructor in both classroom and range exercises. You must successfully complete Phase 1 and Phase 2 in order to receive your NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting course certificate.

Phase 1:You must register for Phase 1, the online portion on NRA Online Course registration. During registration for this phase on the NRA website you will get a PIN to allow access to the course. You will have access to this program for 90 days from the start of your enrollment date after which access expires. The online portion consists of 11 lessons and will take approximately 4 to 8 hours to complete. After you complete all the online sessions take an exam in order to get proof of completion of your Phase 1 training. You must score 90% or more to receive the completion certificate and PIN to continue on to Phase 2. Don't worry; if you don't get a passing score, you are given four additional chances to pass the exam. Once you pass, you will generate a completion certificate. Save the certificate as a file on your computer and print it.

Phase 1 cost is $60.00 paid by credit card to the NRA.

Phase 2: This phase is three to four hours classroom to review your skills with hands on experience and one hour range time. During the instructor-led-training portion of the course, an NRA Certified Instructor will validate comprehension and application of gun safety rules; range protocol; proper handling; loading and unloading procedures; application of pistol shooting fundamentals; stable shooting positions; live fire; and a final shooting qualification.

Check out our Class dates or call us to register for Phase 2. We will walk you through the process on the NRA site.

You will need to bring your Phase 1 completion certificate to the class to verify completion of Phase 1.

This class will count for 8 hours of training towards the Illinois Concealed Carry training.

Phase 2 cost is $125.00 Plus ($25) Range Fees (Includes use of a firearm and 40rds)

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NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting - Phase 1 & 2